Tired of working your a$$ off in the gym with little to no positive results? I hear you. These three simple changes had my abs coming out to say hi at 45 years old :)

(if I did it, you can do it too)


I felt like a hypocrite

I was a fitness professional with a secret binge-eating habit. I was supposed to be an inspiring role-model, not acting one way when people were watching and totally opposite when I was alone.

Only when I started building my Fit & Strong Toolbox did change come. I kicked my unhealthy habits to the curb and I want to help YOU do the same. 

You will learn in your free guide exactly what to do. 


"DeAnne kickstarted my fitness journey. Her motivation and support for the people she coaches is so valuable, and it sets her apart. She truly goes through the experience with you!"

Tamarra Maurasse

"There's no person I would rather have lead my fitness journey than DeAnne. She cares about my form, my energy, my attitude, and my health! She inspires me to work hard and push myself!"

Lori London

"Life-changing and life-improving! I continue to be driven to challenge myself because of DeAnne and the goals I have reached and the strength she has helped create within me."

Laura Piers

"Non-scale victory today…I have something in my closet that I’ve been trying to get into forever and today it finally happened…my wedding dress! For 15 years I’ve been trying to get that thing back on. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to zip it up without even a tug. So many times I have pulled it out, thinking I had lost enough to fit in it again only to put it right back in the closet. This program has truly changed my body and I am now more motivated than ever to keep it going. Thanks DeAnne- I could do this without you and this awesome group!"

Sharon T


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